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We are a group of researchers in scientific subjects lab experimenting new languages and innovative technologies applied to visual communication, arts, design and exhibitions.


In order to have an interdisciplinary cognition the team includes researchers in Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Information Technology and Neuropsychology as well as multimedia professionals.

  • Nicola Colecchia, Neuropsychologist, former Researcher and Lecturer;

  • Martino Barbieri, Computer engineer;

  • Riccardo Moschetti, mathematician, postdoctoral researcher;

  • Pietro Difrancescantonio, Physical, developer of neural networks;

  • Deana Mantovani, biologist;
  • Emanuele De Marco, motion graphics designer;

  • Patrizia Garelli, Writer;

  • Mariana Rullo, digital models and architectures;

  • Laura Fontana, television journalist;
  • Maracole, accessory designer;
  • Luciano Boschetti, filmaker;
  • Francesca Martella, architect;

  • Francesco Strizzi, sound-artist;

  • Kim Cappart, scenographer.